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News and Events


31 October 2010

Charity Action: Foster-Families Encouragement

Purpose: to encourage foster families taking care of orphans

5 May 2010

Charity Action: “Nobody and No One is Forget”

Purpose: to congratulate veterans of Great Patriotic War and workers of the labour front on the 65 anniversary of the Victory.

13 April 2010

Charity Action: “Children of Kyzylagash”

Purpose: to provide humanitarian assistance to the suffered children of Aksu and Karatal regions, temporally located at the Children’s House “Ainalain”, Kazakh boarding school after D. Rakyshev, Professional Colleges in Zhansugurov and Kapal villages.

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Sponsers & Partners

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Dear Guest, Thank you for visiting our website!

If you are here and reading this, it means that You are NOT indifferent. The problems are solved, the world is going forward and life goes on only due to indifferent people as You are.

Healthy and happy children –are foundation of life, wealth and prosperity of the society. Our future depends on the way we up bring them.

Your donations will help to those in need.


- is the practice that highly appreciated nowadays.

We invite all kind-hearted people to help us in such a honourable activity! Share your love and care! Please, join us!

Please attention to all orphanage-school graduates and applicants of 2010!

Social Fund "Spring of Love" and SA “Eurasian Youth Congress” under the support of “Apple City Distributors” LLP has launched the educational grants program “Start in Life"

The Aim of the "Start in Life" Program is to support orphans with good academic achievements to get higher, secondary special education including colleges and universities of Kazakhstan.
The program covers not only tuition fee of a scholar, but also includes monthly stipend for meal, transport, living costs in a dormitory and two-times stipend for orphanage graduates to buy basic necessities.

Terms of Condition

The competition involves the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan - orphans who have graduated from the 11th form and plan to enter college or university for the first time. The GPA of a candidate should be not less than 3, 5.

List of required documents for participation:
  • ID copy
  • Copy of Registration Tax Number.
  • Curriculum Vitae / Resume of a participant.
  • A copy of the Secondary Education Certificate.
  • Recommendation letter from his/her place of study.
  • Essay "My Future Profession" (no more than 3 A4 pages). Participant should represent and justify the choice of the future profession in the essay.

The applications and copies of the required documents should be sent to the e-mail: or to address Kabanbai Batyr st., 7a. DEADLINE is 15 October 2010. Please, contact tel. + 7 727 356 1000 (ext.741)

The Selection Process

The Evaluation Committee selects the applicants for grants, comparing GPA points, personal history and essay. The Evaluation Committee makes final decision and determines the candidates for grants. The Evaluation Committee includes the representatives from “Apple city Distributors”, SF “Spring of Love”, and the Project Manager “Dreams Come True”.

Results and outcomes of the “Start in Life” Program

When the time comes to leave the orphanage, most of the orphans are not adapted to the modern independent life. In order to give a path and direction in life, a child needs education (secondary special or higher). Access to education is crucial for better life. Unfortunately, not all children have an opportunity to get grants from the government for studying. These program allow orphans to get the education and achieve their goals in life, it gives a good start for their future. Good education is a good career opportunities and decent salary. Therefore, the implementation of the Programme will allow not only to get the education but to settle in life as well.

Program Coordinator -

Adelova Saule

tel. + 7 727 356 1000 (ext.741), + 7 701 664 21 94, e-mail:

Post mail: 050100, Almaty, Kabanbai Batyr st., 7a

30 December 2003

Charity Program
“New Year at the Orphanage”

Purpose: to create an
atmosphere of the New Year
celebration for children
at orphanages, residential houses,
to make them feel that
people remember and love them.

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